EDP was engaged through BGIS as the estate maintenance and operational support contractor for the Northern New South Wales (NNSW) Defence region to prepare and deliver a regional water quality monitoring programme that assesses the long-term impact of estate activities and tracks progress against Defence’s environmental objectives.

Given the geographic spread of the NNSW estate and number of properties, the work required detailed desktop and visual assessment to refine the scope of properties to be included down to those for which long-term monitoring would be more informative in guiding and refining decisions.

EDP developed a process for the screening of site activities, both historical and current, that filtered the focus of investigation down rapidly to where it had the highest value. This process resulted in a list of properties that required detailed review and for some the subsequent creation of a long-term monitoring program. All work was undertaken in consultation with BGIS, as the facilities manager for the estate, and various Defence directorates. The development of the programme was undertaken in an extremely tight turnaround at the request of Defence and EDP prepared this to a quality that required no revisions following Defence review. EDP has been implementing the plan since March 2020, which has undergone further iterative review and update cycles to refine approaches as a result of information gathered by the programme.