Occupational Hygiene

Numerous industrial and commercial sectors exist in Australia, which includes Healthcare, Energy, Mining, Transport, Construction, and Manufacturing. Each sector is unique in terms of its health and safety hazards, and employees may be exposed to a variety of occupational hygiene issues, such as heat, noise, radiation, gases, and dusts. 

EDP’s occupational hygiene team works in conjunction with leading ISO-accredited equipment providers and NATA accredited laboratories to ensure the highest standard of calibrated equipment and quick, efficient and accurate sample analysis

EDP’s occupational hygiene consultants are able to assist in matters such as:

  • Occupational noise assessments
  • Workplace lighting surveys
  • Thermal stress assessments
  • General indoor air quality
  • Real-time monitoring for dusts particulates and gases
  • Exposure monitoring for heavy metals, silica, organic compounds and toxic vapours
  • Radiation safety assessments
  • Development of occupational hygiene sampling programs
  • Provision of ad-hoc occupational hygiene advice

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