EDP Quickly Gains NATA Accreditation

EDP is excited to announce that we are now NATA accredited for asbestos fibre counting and air monitoring.

This must be a record-breaking effort by our lab team to achieve accreditation within 4 months of commencing the process!

Thanks to Kim Femia and Fraser Elder for all the hard work and planning that went into the accreditation process.

This is a huge achievement enabling EDP to provide this valuable in-house service benefiting all our clients.

As part of the assessment process, EDP’s Laboratory Management System was accredited for compliance against the international standard for ISO/IEC:17025:2017 Environment. This is a world recognised accreditation that demonstrates technical competence and quality in laboratory operations.

EDP looks forward to providing this service to our existing and future clients.

Should you have any queries please contact the following:

 John Batty – 0404 562 200 - John.Batty@edp-au.com

 Fraser Elder – 0457 433 754 - Fraser.Elder@edp-au.com

 Kim Femia – 0450 490 683 - Kim.Femia@edp-au.com