Do I Need an Asbestos Management Plan?

What is an Asbestos Management Plan?

An Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is a document that helps manage and control buildings in relation to preventing asbestos exposure and safeguarding site staff and visitors.

An asbestos management plan is meant to be a simple, centrally located document that clearly and concisely details the following:

  • The person/s responsible for managing asbestos;
  • An asbestos register including all relevant details from your asbestos survey such as the amount and location of asbestos;
  • Details of ongoing and scheduled works that could disturb ACMs;
  • A schedule of activities to monitor the condition of any ACMs; and
  • Instructions for people who might disturb the asbestos and the background to the decisions outlined within the plan.

An asbestos management plan can be paper based however, more and more businesses are finding it easier to record their plans electronically with computerised records.

Asbestos management plans may be property based (i.e., for a building complex) or project based (i.e., for a construction project) depending on their purpose. Asbestos surveys should be used as part of your overall asbestos management plan to help you manage risk and remain compliant with WHS legislation and Safe Work Australia guidance. 

What Should an Asbestos Management Plan Contain?

Good asbestos management plans contain: 

  • Detailed reports about the locations and amounts of asbestos, along with a robust plan for safe working methods to avoid disturbing asbestos fibres;

  • How ACMs will be managed and monitored, along with a full implementation strategy;

  • The timeframes that will need to be adhered to ensure full compliance with the relevant state WHS/WSE legislation and codes of practice;

  • Roles and responsibilities of owners, management and duty holders;

  • Training needs and any training plan that needs to be implemented;

  • Project management guidance for any work to be carried out on the property; and

  • A clear audit trail and accurate reporting for stakeholders, regulators and local authorities.

Who should control an Asbestos Management Plan?

The asbestos management plan must be accessible to the PCBU, any worker who carries out work at the workplace and any health and safety representatives at the workplace. Licensed asbestos assessors and hygienists will help you to develop the correct asbestos surveys for your exact needs and also assist you in developing an asbestos management plan that will maintain a safe environment for your workplace.

If you are concerned that there are other hazardous materials in your building, such as lead paint, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), ozone depleting substances (ODS) or mould, it is advisable to assess these at the same time as the asbestos survey. This ensures that hazards associated with the presence and disturbance of these substances are managed safely during routine demolition or refurbishment operations. These additional hazards are just as important to manage as your asbestos risk.

How Often Should the Asbestos Management Plan be Reviewed?

You should keep your asbestos management plan up-to-date and under review. It is a live document needs to be updated whenever: 

  • Asbestos Containing Materials are re-inspected;
  • A noticeable change to the condition of ACM’s occurs; or
  • Work on Asbestos Containing Materials is carried out.

Whenever the register is changed it must also be dated to ensure compliance.

It is strongly advised that you re-inspect any ACMs in your property at least once a year to ensure that their condition hasn’t changed or deteriorated. It is important to consider who will make the checks and whether they’re sufficiently competent to carry them out. EDP’s licensed asbestos assessors are fully trained to undertake surveying, risk assessment, reinspection and classification of asbestos containing materials in properties.

Do I need an Asbestos Management Plan?

If asbestos has been identified in the workplace through a survey and following Asbestos Register, then you are legally required to put an Asbestos Management Plan in place - this is required by the Work Health and Safety Regulation. If no asbestos has been identified in your building, then you do not need to create a management plan for it. If your workplace was constructed before 31 December 2003, then you also do not need to have an AMP in place.

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