Clandestine Laboratories and Illicit Drug Contamination Management

One of the most significant but overlooked issues currently affecting Australia is illicit drug production and utilisation. It is approximated that at least 5 clandestine operations are shut down within the Sydney metropolitan area each week, and more than likely, contamination within these properties are dangerously elevated.

Due to complexities associated with illicit drug contamination due to properties being used as clandestine laboratories or smoke houses, EDP’s occupational hygiene team work closely with property owners, insurers, loss adjusters and remediation consultants to ensure the right approach is found to manage any remediation required.

EDP’s occupational hygiene consultants provide the following services to assist in this matter:

  • Clandestine laboratory operations contamination assessments
  • Colorimetric surveys and quantitative analysis of drug compounds
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Property and building remediation facilitation programs
  • Land remediation management
  • Health risk assessments; and
  • Provision of “safe-for-occupation” certification

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