EDP Consultants

EDP is a global provider of Health, Safety and Environmental services.  With the Establishment of EDP Consultants in Australia in 2018, EDP has taken what makes EDP great globally to the Australian market to offer a fresh and vibrant approach to Health, Safety and Environment.

EDP combines leading expertise and experience to deliver Health and Safety, Asbestos, Hazardous Materials, Occupational Hygiene, Environmental and Property Risk Services to businesses across a broad range of industry sectors. We actively assess, support and lead organisations to achieve compliance and realise value.

EDP’s consultants are skilled and qualified professionals specialising in the field of Asbestos and Hazardous Materials Management, Occupational Hygiene, Contaminated Land Management and Property Risk Management.  Our services and solutions are built on understanding and expertise to help you protect property, safeguard people and manage hazards.


EDP’s values are a commitment to the way our consultants work, the way we treat each-other and our clients, and the impact we seek to have on our communities.  EDP’s values include:

  • Collaboration; 
  • Insight; 
  • Care; 
  • Integrity; 
  • Ambition; and 
  • Celebration.


In 2018, EDP established EDP Consultants Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia with a strategic partnership to provide safety and security services to Facebook.  

In February 2019, EDP was joined by John Batty and Fraser Elder both of whom had over 15 years’ experience in asbestos, hazardous materials, occupational hygiene, environmental and property risk management to allow EDP to offer the full suite of services to our clients in Australia.  

EDP has experienced rapid growth with the inclusion of industry leaders and experienced consultants to ensure we continue to focus on driving excellence in serving and supporting businesses to help them protect people, property and planet.

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